Frequently asked questions
Is my smartourist page compatible with all smartphones? Smartourist pages are optimised for iOS (iPhone & iPad), Android, Windows and Symbian phone operating systems (93% of the smartphones on the market today) and will look great on the others as well. ^top of page

How much does it cost? Your smartourist page costs $84 for a 12 month subscription. There is a $136 establishment fee. Members of tourist associations may be eligible for a discount. We will send you an email at the end of 12 months so you can renew your subscription. ^top of page

How long will it take to make my page? It will take less than 5 minutes to fill out the page, choose your colours and load the image so you can do it right now... We will notify you by email when your webpage is complete and published. ^top of page

What is the Tourism Organisation Discount Code? Many tourism organisations are affiliated with smartourist and can offer substantial discounts to their members. Contact your tourism organisation to see if they are affiliated and then simply type in the code to get your discount. ^top of page

What sort of image should I use? We recommend a landscape image of between 20 - 50kb. ^top of page

What should I include in my description? On the mobile web people want answers to their questions in a quick and easy manner. That’s why we have click to call, maps, translations and links all built into your page. Think of what your customers want to know about your business. What do you do, when are you open, how much does it cost and why should they go with you. Keep the description simple and do not use abbreviations or acronyms as they don’t translate well. Remember you can change your description as often as you like. ^top of page

What is click to call? It allows customers to call your business with a push of a button. It’s perfect for when people are on the move and allows them to ring you directly. ^top of page

What is click to maps? It pinpoints your location on the phone’s map allowing your customers to use the phone's inbuilt GPS to navigate to your door. ^top of page

What are the translation flags for? Customers can click on a flag to get the translation of your business description into their language. We have chosen Chinese, German, French, Japanese and Korean as the most regular visitors to Australia with poor English skills. These translations are also refreshed if you update your business description. ^top of page

How do the facebook, twitter and tripadvisor buttons work? When you create your page you can opt in to link to these social networking sites. Pushing the buttons will open a new page with your business’ facebook, twitter or tripadvisor pages. We recommend using these tools as customers like being able to find out about other people’s experience of your business. Your business can also learn from visitors' constructive comments. ^top of page

How does the automatic device detection work? Our software recognizes whether people are on a computer or a smartphone and automatically redirects them to the best site. We will also provide you with the code to put on your full website so that it also has automatic device detection. Your web designer inserts this code on your homepage and it all happens automatically. ^top of page


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